About Us

"Why aren’t recycling signs made out of recycled material?"

The Idea

In 2009, I walked past an ordinary recycling sign. The sign was urging me to recycle aluminum cans, which is, of course, an important and welcome message. There was however, one significant problem: the sign itself was made out of environmentally harmful materials. If a sign is promoting environmental responsibility, shouldn’t it also be manufactured responsibly? ZING Green Products was created to answer this question.

The Products2040.jpg

We started with Green@Work signs, which were designed to encourage eco-friendly practices in workplaces, warehouses, and public facilities. We then expanded our line to include traffic, parking, and OSHA safety signs, as well as a whole range of industrial safety products, including Lockout/Tagout devices and GHS/HazCom products. We are particularly proud of our 700 and 800 Series Padlocks, which we think are the most versatile and best performing lockout padlocks on the market; made from recycled aluminum and steel. With Zing, we want to offer customers the ability to protect people and our environment at the same time.

The Zing Advantage

  • Many of our products are UL Certified for recycled content. UL is a third-party organization which confirms recycled content levels and landfill waste diversion. This protects you from green-washing, a marketing tactic in which a product’s eco-friendliness is exaggerated.
  • Buying green will help you reach your sustainability goals, including LEED credits.
  • Many of our products are made with recycled materials, and are priced competitively with brands that do not use recycled materials.
  • All of our safety signage is made in the USA from recyced materials.
Thank you for your interest in ZING Green Products,
Tom Prinzing, President