Lockout Tagout Safety Services

A Complete Suite of Lockout/Tagout Services

Two-day turnaround! Our lockout experts can inspect your facility and return the next business day with personalized procedures and tags!


OSHA, ANSI, and EC audits will help ensure you are compliant with critical safety regulations

Procedure Development

  • Certified Technicians
  • Energy Point Labeling
  • Procedure-specific Tags
  • Customizable Templates

Personalized Software

Convenient Software allows you to easily keep track of your procedures, training, lists and records, tags, and and safety checklists.

Device Consultation

Get expert recommendations on the best devices for your facility!

Lockout Training

Procedure writing, management training, authorized employee training and more!

Evaluations and Inspections

Comprehensive program evaluation. Covers administration and leadership, procedures, policies, safe communication, and device management.