Lockout Padlocks

Zing padlocks are made from high-performance recycled materials, and are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial workplaces. Unique wraparound design allows bilingual labels on standard-sized padlocks, eliminating the need for long, bulky lock bodies.  Available as keyed different or keyed alike; and 1.5’’ or 3’’ shackles. Custom keyed locks are also available on request. 

700 Series Locks:

Durable and versatile locks for standard lockout application. 700 Series locks feature a solid recycled aluminum body and a plastic-encased hardened steel shackle, uniting durability with dielectric properties.

800 Series Locks:

Designed for extreme environment lockout situations. Featuring a stainless steel shackle, 800 Series locks excel in environments with frequent washdowns including food manufacturing, oil rigs, and mining.