700 Series Padlocks, Keyed Alike Sets of 3 and 6

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The 700 Series Safety Lockout Padlock is the most flexible and comprehensively applicable padlock on the market. The lock features a solid aluminum body with a hardened steel shackle for dependable industrial performance. Unique body design features bilingual wraparound labels; Zing locks are the only lockout padlock that can accommodate a bilingual label on a standard size padlock. Each lock comes with three labels: English, English/Spanish, and English/French labels. Shackle inserts feature a barrier cap, which protects the lock body and interior from dirt and moisture. The body and shackle are encased in recycled plastic for extended durability and dielectric properties. 6-pin lock mechanism provides dependable security with key-retaining and auto-locking functions. Lock body measures 1.75"H x 1.5"W x 0.75"L with a 1.5" shackle.